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Desire Caught by the Tail by Pablo Picasso (Yes; THAT Pablo Picasso!) was written in 1941, four years after he completed Guerinca - one of his most famous paintings. Paris had recently been occupied by German forces and the population were beset by despair, fear and starvation. In this bleak and desperate time Picasso took up pen and paper and wrote the play in three days.


Long Cloud has taken this rarely performed play (often dismissed as impossible to stage, meaningless and incomprehensible) and created a theatrical experience that is chaotic, beautiful, humorous and prophetic. The ensemble has discovered in Picasso’s text a cautionary tale about power, distrust, ambition, and of course, desire.


The oddly named characters (Big Foot, Tartine, Onion, Round Piece, Big Anxiety, Small Anxiety, Silence, Curtains, and the Cousin) use a painterly language that bounces between achingly beautiful poetry, banal everyday conversation and mind bending word diarrhea.


Taking their personal feelings about their place in the world and their hopes for the future as their starting point the fourteen members (aged from fifteen to twenty two) of the Long Cloud ensemble have created a wild and bracing piece of theatre that ultimately offers us all hope in dark and overwhelming times.


“Throw flights of doves, with all our strength, against the bullets, and lock securely the houses demolished by bombs.”


Desire Caught by the Tail (Le Désir attrapé par la queue) by Pablo Picasso

Directed by Brett Adam

Designed by the cast

Video Art by Campbell Henderson

Production Management by Jason Longstaff


Tuesday April 4th – Saturday April 8th

7:30pm (60 minutes duration)

Whitireia Performing Arts Centre

25 Vivian St, Wellington


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